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EyeLight was founded in 2004 to promote the first innovative glaucoma surgical technique for decreasing intraocular pressure more effectively and longer term than with medications or office lasers and far less disruptive than a far more invasive surgery like trabeculectomy.

EyeLight's ELT procedure was a pioneering technology in the late 1980's. Subsequent MIGS technologies were developed that require implantation of foreign materials. Thus, EyeLight's ELT is unique in the MIGS space to enable lowering intraocular pressure with no foreign body implants and validated safety and efficacy in over 5,000 patients in European studies.

The ELT technology developed by Dr. Berlin has been approved for use in Europe under CE mark for over 10 years. EyeLight as a pioneer in innovative ophthalmic technologies has a pipeline of additional technologies to further improve and standardize MIGS surgery and other glaucoma diagnostic and surgical technologies.

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