Medical Results

ELT improves treatment, reduces medication and prevents frequent damage in ophthalmologic surgery

The next step of treating Glaucoma is near. We have secured 22 patents over a 20 year period and we are ready to implement the robotic procedure to increase Trabeculostomy operations by 300%.

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Highly Effective

ELT is highly effective in long-term correction of the intraocular pressure by 30-40% and reduction in the number of medications.

Studies of over 5,000 patients in Europe show consistent results even after 8 years of observation. Furthermore, there were no intra-operative or late post-operative complications.

Much less invasive and more effective procedure than trabeculectomy



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No Thermal Damage

ELT creates a patent trabeculostomy opening into Schlemm's Canal without any thermal damage to the trabecular meshwork.

When openings are created into Schlemm's Canal, evidenced by blood reflux, they tend to stay open in the long term & do not heal over time. Pressure is reduced with only a few openings, and natural outflow is restored with no blebs and no foreign body implants.

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